Tristain (Tristanian: Tristain; Japanese: トリステイン Torisutein), or the Kingdom of Tristain, is a nation in Halkeginia in which the majority of the story takes place. It is a small country resembling the Low Countries. Tristain is home to the Tristanian Academy of Magic, a highly acclaimed school for magical studies, which attracts students from nearby countries, even from Gallia and Germania. The current ruler of Tristain is Queen Henrietta, with Louise next in line.


Tristain is under threat from Albion due to a rebellion there against the royalty. The country's militarily is weak, with only a small permanent force, which forces it to make marriage alliances with other countries. This mirrors the political state of the Low Countries throughout history.

Tristain is one of the countries founded by Brimir's successors. The other three are Romalia, Albion, and Gallia. Romalia was founded by Brimir's apprentice, while the other three were founded by Brimir's sons.