Trigear Family HQ
Trigear Family HQ
Trigear Family's HQ headquarters is a private area for the staff to operate upon. The main building acts as both a workplace for the members and a jailhouse for their prisoners.



From outside, it looks like a western style, two story building with white bricks and pale green roof. It has a wide yard surrounded by a steel-barred fence.


Main Control Room

Main Control Room.

The main room of the headquarters where most of the staff's would spent most of their time. It is a room full of monitors where the staff's could monitor every situations happening at the HQ and the entire Trigear Village. It also the place where they could access and gather information.



Prison rooms.

Like all police headquarters, Trigear Family's headquarters also has a space which acts as a prison. In case of a breakout, collapsible walls will activate and hinder the escaped convict from advancing further.