You don't want to be my Friend, Let's see if you can Survive the Night.

—Mayu Talking to her New Friends.

Mayu Vocaloid
What's Mine,is MINE only. and I'm ready to KILL for it.
Kanji Mayu(まゆMayu)
Romaji Mayu
Alias Queen of Destruction
Race Human
Age 15
Birthday May 6
Height 168 cm
Gender Female
Eyes Golden Yellow Brown
Hair Simple Blonde to Rainbow
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Trigear Family
Occupation Singer
Personal Status
Status Alive
Weapons Axe
Seiyuu Kimberly Nobleza
Mayu (まゆ Mayu) is intended to be a yandere influenced Vocaloid , while her outfit is based on Lolita Fashion. Notice in her boxart she is also holding an Axe, emphasizing the yandere influence in her design.

The rabbit she is holding is named Usano Mimi (宇佐乃ミミ).


She is lovely to look at, this sweet petite, endearing creature, with her cascading locks of platinum blonde hair, her soft pale skin and all of her dainty features. Her darling dress is decorated with lace and ribbon and she gazes at you with the subtlest hint of a smile. One could easily be drawn in by her beauty and her innocent looks.

  • Her hat has a speaker attached
  • Her earrings appear to be styled like in-ear headphones that hook over the ear.
  • Her hair itself fades from simple blonde to rainbow.
  • The buttons on her dress are amplifier buttons/knobs.
  • The bottom of her dress has a keyboard pattern.
  • As previously stated, she holds an axe, which is to show her yandere influence.
  • The rabbit doll she holds has a microphone at the top of its head. When she holds it up to sing, she grabs it by the neck, as if she were strangling it.
  • Her shoes have neon lighting flowing through them.


At first glance Mayu’s character appears to be a paradoxical combination of both innocence and precociousness. But don’t be fooled by first impressions. If you rub this young lady the wrong way you might not live to tell the tale.

Mayu's Yandere Face 1
Mayu's Showing her Twisted Side.Mayu’s personality is known as yandere, a Japanese term used most often in anime and manga to describe a sweet and apparently innocent and caring individual who develops an obsession with the object of their affections and becomes mentally unstable, destructive or downright dangerous if anything interferes with the relationship. Even the person she is devoted to is in danger if he spurns her advances.


On her ninth birthday, she was running through the manor with a smile on her face to visit her parents and suddenly when she open the door she saw a flood of blood on her parents room,she saw her Mother and Father's body was murdered. After that she goes Madly Insane and attempt killing people without mercy who gets in her way.