Albion (Albionian: Albion; Japanese: アルビオン Arubion; nicknamed the White Country), or the Kingdom of Albion, is a floating island nation, similar to Britain in shape, and was in a period of political strife. Albion has a large deposit of windstones buried in the island which make the country float. It is theorized by the mages that Albion used to be a part of Halkeginia before a event many thousands of years ago upturned the earth and sent Albion floating into the sky. It is possible that one day the windstone deposits on Albion will deplete itself and Albion will crash back down to ground and meet its doom.

Albion moves with the position of the two moons. It is closest to Halkegnia when the two moons are closest to each other. According to the storyline, a group of nobles, known as Reconquista initiated a coup d'état against the royalty, and most of the Albionian royal family had been killed. The last notable royal left alive is named Prince Wales. The name of the leader of the Parliament forces was Oliver Cromwell, and the leader of the Albion rebellion is also aptly named Cromwell. Cromwell seeks to spread his power elsewhere, and begins with Tristain.

The Albion revolution by the Reconquista was eventually defeated, not by the invasion force of Tristain and Germania but by Hiraga Saito's delaying tactic against the army of 70,000 and Gallia's opportunistic strike on Londinium, Albion's capital city, taking down the country's entire Command structure. Currently (as of Volume 19) Albion was split into three parts and each part is under the control of either Tristain, Germania, and Gallia, with the General of Albion's army overseeing the entire nation.

Other cities of Albion include Newcastle and South Gotha.